7 Ice Cream Dreams to Keep You Looking Cool

Summer is getting into full swing now and the hot weather is getting us in the mood for refreshing smoothies, beach BBQs and most of all... ice cream!

We were born and raised in a seaside town so it's only natural we can't get enough of 99s, sundaes and ice cream sandwiches. So what better way to take our love to the next level with these ice cream dream pieces!

Where Can You Find These Cool Delights?

1. Lost Weekend Sunglasses

2. White Ice Cream Print Halter Neck Bikini Top & Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

3. Ribbed Crop Top

4. Stone Ice Cream Clutch

5. A-Line Skirt in Wall's Lolly Print

6. Ice Cream Beach Towel

7. Ninety Nine Heels

Why not inject a bit of fun into your summer wardrobe? It's definitely the season for it. Each of these delights really speak for themselves too and are perfect to mix and match. It's easy to dress up for a beach party or dress down for a stroll in the park with these key ice cream pieces. 

Are any of these fashion dreams your flavour? Why not let us know how you're keeping cool.