6 Reasons to Celebrate Creative Yorkshire

Ey up! Recently we've been thinking about why we love Yorkshire so much. We were both born and raised in Scarborough before moving to Leeds to study. Our location has influenced much of our work and this is an important point to recognise. Yorkshire is full of creative folk, but what is it about the area that inspires everyone? We scouted out our favourite artists and asked why they celebrate creativity in Yorkshire...

1. Clarise Crafts  /  2.  Kristyna Baczynski  /  3.  Beak Up Crafts

4. Jenna Lee Alldread  /  5. Hayley Mills-Styles  /  6.  Us!


  1. Alyssa from Clarise Crafts
    "I am privileged to live in Yorkshire as it is so diverse and offers ample opportunity to inspire creativity. You can experience the bustling city, peaceful countryside and even the magnificent coastline without having to travel more than a couple of hours!"
  2. Kristyna Baczynski
    "Yorkshire is both historic and contemporary, offering a wealth of natural beauty and metropolitan excitement. I love living and working here because it feels like a nurturing habitat; rent is affordable, amenities are close by, the landscape is inspiring and there is a sense of community. This all combines to ignite ideas and creativity. Mostly I love living in Leeds, a beautiful victorian city which offers everything you could want of a booming metropolis, but is only a short bus, bike or walk away from canals, abbey ruins, woodland, crags, mountains and wildlife."
  3. Kate from Beak Up Crafts
    "Yorkshire has so much to offer and inspiration is everywhere, from the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales to historic York, the culture and creativity of lively Leeds to beautiful beaches. And that's coming from a Lancastrian! There is so much to fire up your creativity and so many places to visit it's hard not to be inspired."
  4. Jenna Lee Alldread
    "I love Yorkshire because there are some fabulous galleries here - I love visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Hepworth in particular, as well as contemporary illustration and design on show at Colours May Vary. There are many little towns and villages full of independent shops which are stocked full of inspirational works from all kinds of makers, I love visiting York, Harrogate and Haworth to get my fix. Of course, Yorkshire has stunning countryside; perfect to get fresh air and new ideas."
  5. Hayley Mills-Styles
    "I love Yorkshire because of it's creative diversity, there are so many talented makers, independent galleries and places to learn each showcasing how much talent and creativity we have in this great county."
  6. Us!
    We love Yorkshire because of the people. Our family are friends are based in Yorkshire and these are the individuals that inspire us and keep us dreaming big. We also agree with all of the lovely designers featured in this post... Yorkshire's landscape is beautiful! There really is no place like home.

So, there are six opinions on our home county of Yorkshire. Do you agree? Are you proud of your hometown? Let us know! Don't forget to use Bloglovin' to never miss a post.