8 Must-Haves to Guarantee you Top of the Class

The sound of the school bell is looming as many of us head back to school, college and university in the next few weeks. So why not start afresh with new school goodies to settle you into the swing of things? We have selected 8 of the most cool, design-conscious items guaranteed to catapult you to the top of the class.

School Check List

1. Super Chill Cooler Bag - Watermelon

2. Fruit and Flowers Hip Flask

3. Eraser Brush

4. Oak Archive Tray

5. Paper Crown Parisian Notebooks - Set Of Two

6. Arrows and Feathers Sticky Notes Set

7. School Year Calendar 2015/2016

8. Livework Colour Block Point Pens

We love the watermelon cooler bag which is perfect for keeping your lunch and snacks fresh; an essential for a long day in classes or lectures. The bag goes lovely with the stylish fruit and flowers hip flask which will keep your brain hydrated and ready to learn. You can practice your start-of-term, super neat handwriting in the set of 2 notebooks with a chic Parisian design, using the colour block pens. There's no need to worry if you do make a mistake though because the old-school eraser brush has got you covered. If you love to be organised to military precision like we do - the school year calendar, sticky notes and oak archive tray are for you!

Are you looking forwards to getting stuck in back at school? Or will you be sorry to say goodbye to the summer? Let us know!

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