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It's no secret that you want to create an amazing experience for your new and current customers. Brand Camp will show you how. Together, let's develop an authentic brand that cultivates a loyal fanbase and those all important sales.

Learn, receive mentoring and discover a newfound joy for your business.



hello CAMPERS!

You're a go-getter and design enthusiast who wants to create an unforgettable brand. By enrolling on Brand Camp, we will guide you each step of the way so you can visualise your business' ethos, engage the perfect audience and in turn, increase your sales.

What's the Problem?

  • You're not sure what branding REALLY is.
  • You don't know how to attract the right audience.
  • You're getting lost amongst your competitors.
  • You're not sure what your brand is saying about you.
  • You feel you've lost your business "mojo".

Let's Fix That.

Guess what? We can solve all of those problems through the Brand Camp modules and mentoring. By enrolling, you'll be taking the right steps for creating a brand your fans will rave about.

Module 1


Spark your Brand's Mojo


The Branding Breakdown
What's your USP?
Know your Fans
Define your Style
Create your Brand Message
Make an Impression

Module 2


Build a Loyal Fanbase


The Build a Loyal Fanbase module is currently in development and will be published soon. Here at Buttercrumble, we value your feedback. Please do get in touch if you have content suggestions or camp ideas.

Module 3




The Maintain Your Brand module is currently in development and will be published soon. Here at Buttercrumble, we value your feedback. Please do get in touch if you have content suggestions or camp ideas.


Intake ends on 1/10/17 so don't miss out!

Buttercrumble were amazing from start to finish. They have extremely high standards of customer service and from the first moment I saw my logo sketches, I felt they had taken on board everything I had asked for.
— Lisa Dunn, Rosie Lee & Cake

included bonuses

  • Mentoring (3 Sessions)
  • Weekly Measurable Challenges (6 Weeks)
  • Brand Visual Mood Board Template
  • Font Pairings Document
  • Colour Palette Options
  • 25% Off Our Design Services

How does Brand Camp work?

1. Join camp and enrol
2. Take our quiz to discover your camp guide
3. Receive your brand camp pack and challenges via email

We will be on call each step of the way to help you cultivate a brand. We'll keep in touch via email, phone or meet-ups and our activities are all printable so you can complete tasks on-the-go. 



You are serious about your business and want to create true connections with your audience. 

You're a busy go-getter who wants to plan their business development around their packed schedule.

You need a personal branding cheerleader to motivate you, advise you and support you!

Why is Brand Camp Special?

  • Invest in your branding knowledge at an affordable rate that won't break the bank!
  • Advice is personalised to your unique needs with our one-to-one mentoring.
  • Join a supportive community of biz bosses.
  • Top-up your learning with our handy downloadables.
  • Your guide will be assigned according your specialism.
  • Intake for each module is limited meaning you receive devoted attention from us.
  • The lessons are bitesize so they are super easy to digest and revisit.
  • The learning format means you can progress through the course at your own pace.

Buttercrumble were friendly and approachable, communicating their expert knowledge in an accessible way.
— Kate Midwood, Leeds Libraries


Meet your Camp Guides

What makes Brand Camp so different from other courses?

We know business is made person-to-person which is why you will be assigned a
Camp Guide to support you through the modules, be on-call and spark your enthusiasm. Advice will be personalised to your unique needs with our mentoring.

You are at the heart of Brand Camp. 



  • The elder 'Crumble'
  • Designer for household names
  • Just an old-fashioned girl


  • The butter to the crumble
  • Designs with marketing in mind
  • Lives for hygge

Why learn with Buttercrumble?

By cultivating our own branding over 5 years, we have been successful in building a sustainable business which enables us to transform our creative ideas into a reality. We are now attracting amazing projects from clients who truly understand what we do.

We both have a BA (Hons) degree in graphic and communication design from the University of Leeds and over 10 years combined design experience. In 2017, we were crowned finalists for the IPSE's Freelancer of the Year Awards. Communicating visually is now second-nature to us.

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We will prepare you for rewarding business developments and your clientele's changing demands. You will not only look successful, but be successful.