M&S Confectionery Packaging
A conceptual project

Design packaging for M&S confectionery rage. The designs must include packaging for M&S Walnut Whips.


Marks and Spencer Surveys have revealed that we are a nation of secret walnut whip lovers. No one knows who eats walnut whips and no one will admit to eating the chocolate delights despite them being one of M&S’ best sellers. So who is eating all the walnut whips?

Each bagged sweet has been personified and lives in the fictional Marks and Spencer village. The characters are all suspects in the Mysterious Case of the Walnut Whipper and customers are encouraged to do some detective work to discover which bagged sweet character is eating all the walnut whips.

To discover who is whipping walnut whips straight from the boxes, customers must collect the bagged sweet range to collect clues about the suspect hidden on the inner wrapper.

Each of the bags interact with each other as their stories and clues intertwined in the inner wrapper. This will make customers want to collect the other sweets or ‘characters’ to find out more.