Jet, Set, Go! Design Residency in Jávea, Spain

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How do you rejuvenate your creativity? Travelling is one of our favourite ways. This is why we're excited to be voyaging to Sun and Co. in Jávea, Spain (later this month) for our next design residency.

"Residencies" are where creative professionals can choose to stay (temporarily) elsewhere, sometimes participating in specific programmes and opportunities. These allow artists and designers to work in new conditions which is often a catalyst for the imagination! They also offer a range of facilities and the chance to network.

Buttercrumble - Javea Spain Illustration

Sun and Co. is a co-working and co-living space where freelancers and entrepreneurs meet from around the globe to improve their lifestyle. The retreat is based at the heart of Jávea, an arty Mediterranean coastal town. The perfect place to source innovation.

Whilst here, we'll be concentrating on ongoing design projects with the focus of increasing productivity and inspiration. Over 3 weeks, we'll be able to get creative, enjoy an amazing climate and meet new international friends.

As well as ongoing work, we'd love to bring a new design piece to life. As we explore the town, we'll stay mindful, engaged and open-minded to the possibilities. The specifics of what we will build are not set in stone. The ideas will develop organically over the course of our residency and we look forward to sharing these with you!

Have you ever explored being a "digital nomad"? Or have you visited Jávea previously? We'd love to receive your thoughts and recommendations. Do leave a comment below and we'll respond shortly.

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