A multi-skilled couple-team that take a personal, authentic and supportive approach to visual content creation. 

With respective specialisms in photography and videography, the pair thrive to create content that truly reflects their clients’ unique style, values and passion. 

Partnering with visual junkies, lifestyle brands and communities across the globe, Honeytape invest in projects they love.


Buttercrumble was asked to create a wholesome brand that would set Honeytape Creative apart from their competitors whilst demonstrating their supportive and unique approach to their work.

The Honeytape Creative logo has a rustic, fun appearance to express the authentic approach of the team . It is reminiscent of travel stickers and award badges to reflect Honeytape’s passion for exploring and their high-standards for visual content.

Brand Guidelines-1.jpg


We also designed monogram versions of the logo to create a versatile brand that can wear it's logo proudly even when space may be limited.

Brand Guidelines-4.jpg


Icons are a great way to aid communication. Honeytape Creative’s branded icons feel at home on the website and other marketing collateral.

Honeytape Creative - Iconography - Presentation - 0717-01.jpg


Brand Guidelines-6.jpg


Brand Guidelines-5.jpg

We have absolutely loved working with Chloe and Abigail on this collaboration. The branding they created for us exceeded expectations.

To be able to execute this project with a hard-working, admirable team like Buttercrumble has been a real treat!
— Lucy & Adam, Honeytape Creative