"We’re a full-service communications agency, based five minutes from Edinburgh’s city centre, working with the most gorgeous of clients in food and drink, fashion and beauty, wellness and lifestyle. Whether you have a brand, product, destination or service we have the skills and know-how to let your target market in on the secret..."

Buttercrumble rebranded Leopold + Frida Communications to reach their goal of building a stronger aesthetic that is instantly recognised across Edinburgh and Scotland. Our visual identity is helping Leopold + Frida to build long term relationships with luxury brands. We also implemented the new branding through a website design which creates the perfect first impression for visitors to their online touch-point. 



The logo reflects the bold, fresh and friendly values of Leopold + Frida. The aesthetic is unique from the company’s competitors and will appeal to stylish, daring brands. The brand mark depicts the iconic artist, Frida Kahlo, the perfect representation for this leading, creative brand. The use of a monogram is daring and confident. They have connotations of luxury. It makes excellent sense to use a monogram in square or vertical spaces as space can be limited.

The colour palette reflects the deep and personal service that Leopold + Frida provides. It will appeal to the luxury brands the company likes to build partnerships with and creates a quirky juxtaposition against the more light hearted logo style.

We created and designed Leopold + Frida's new website that showcases the talent, ethos and success of the business beautifully. The visual identity flows throughout the design to create an engaging online touch-point for potential clients.