"Formed in 2014 through a mutual love of design and belief that just because something is created for children, the aesthetic of a space should not be compromised. Since then we have developed into a company that not only specialises in families at events, but also theming and visual merchandising..."


Buttercrumble was asked to create a new brand identity for Pop Up & Play Co. The company cares about creating stylish and sophisticated events and spaces for children and their families. All with a playful twist.


The Pop Up & Play Co. logo has a 3D appearance to express the “pop”. It is reminiscent of children’s play blocks which conveys a fun and playful brand. The contemporary typeface used expresses style.

The logo can be combined with pattern to create a different aesthetic depending on the event Pop Up & Play Co. are working on. The logo has a life of it's own and is inspired by a chameleon in the way it acts. 


For Web.png

Pop Up & Play Co's colour scheme uses chid-friendly tones. The pink, green and yellow combination is fun and playful. These colours together create a harmonious brand aesthetic.


For Web.png


Patterns are a great way to add texture and visual interest. Pop Up & Play Co. can utilise these across media such as the website and marketing collateral. The brand’s patterns are exciting, bold and contemporary. Colours are harmonious to the brand’s colour scheme to keep consistency.