Fashion is often thought to be the ultimate form of identity and self-expression. Our clothes tell personal narratives without us always knowing. Buttercrumble believe that vintage clothing has the potential to express even richer narratives due to the way they have been passed from wearer to wearer. This causes messages to be layered over time. What makes them so interesting is their exquisite details and teachings of a by-gone time. They have a mysterious and elusive quality. They are wearable histories and the inspiration for the scarf designs.


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All scarves within the shop have been lovingly illustrated or designed by the creative duo, Buttercrumble. The twin sisters behind the name are Chloe and Abigail Baldwin. They are inspired by vintage fashion, mid-century style and all things sweet. 


For our limited edition art prints. Most designs are one-offs so they are completely unique! Our prints are a great talking point and will look fabulous in any home.

Not unique enough? We also offer a bespoke portrait service.


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