3 Shops On Instagram You Must Follow

We recently joined Instagram and have been well and truly bitten by the Insta-bug. Whilst endlessly scrolling through wonderful, inspiring snapshots into creative worlds, we came across 3 creative shop owners that are a must-follow. Not only are their Instagram profiles a cute and colourful array of photos but the people behind the camera are super talented at whipping up some hand-made delights or offering you style advice!

Let Odd Kids Out immerse you into a whimsical world of pink and tapestries - what's not to love? Odd Kids Out may produce her crafts with kids in mind but we are a little bit smitten by these pretty pieces. These textiles are made in Australia and shipped worldwide!

Moon In Leo is a carefully curated boutique which was born out of the desire to share fashion gems from all around the world. It's like an bohemian treasure trove! Shop owner, Mitka, also offers styling advice and takes pride in knowing the story behind the item and that fair trade took place.

Our final Insta-crush is Sarah K Benning who creates beautiful contemporary embroidery and greeting cards. Everyone loves a good cactus - including Sarah - which is why they have a starring role in many of the pieces. Each piece Sarah K Benning makes is individually handmade and one-of-a-kind!

Do you know any other creative curators or creators who are rocking the business world? Let us know! As we are new to Instagram, feel free to say hi and share your photos with us.