2017: We're Taking the Leap!

2017 will be the year of courage and strength as we have decided to work on Buttercrumble full time. Buttercrumble was born in 2012 after we began receiving positive feedback on the work we shared online. Since then, we've grown massively in professionalism, skill and experience.

This was an exciting year for us as we collaborated with creative enthusiasts such as Independent Leeds and Fred Aldous. These are the types of relationships we hope to continue cultivating in the new year. To achieve this, we are currently developing the following projects...

Workshops and joint illustration is something we are currently expanding into. Crafting and drawing is a therapeutic activity which we want to share with others.
Tangible Designs
Next year we will be releasing some of our designs as printed products. This will involve an exhibition in Spring (fingers crossed) so please keep your eyes peeled for more information on this.
Creative Socials
We try our best to attend networking events as we love meeting other design enthusiasts. As well as visiting these meetings, we'd love to have a social gathering amongst our closer creative circle. Please get in touch if you'd like to hear more.


It'd be amazing to see you join us on this creative journey. Get in touch and let's have a chat about design, illustration and community for 2017...

Alternatively, join Buttercrumble's grapevine to be the first to hear about our new projects outlined above: