Our Portrait Workshop at The Gallery at Cafe 164

This week we hosted our first portrait illustration workshop at The Gallery at Cafe 164 in Leeds. It's a venue full of inspiration because of their regular art exhibitions. For us, it was the perfect place to host an illustration workshop!

During the workshop, we helped participants find their illustrative style and create a portrait that captures their personality on paper. We invited everyone to experiment with line and colour to explore the various ways you can draw facial features.

We had a great evening of fun and creativity. Here are some photos of the event...


As you can see from the photographs of the event, everyone had a unique style. It was a fun opportunity to express creativity through illustration. All participants were able to take a lovingly-drawn portrait home at the end of the session.

Thanks to everyone involved! If you'd like to be involved with our next event, please join the Buttercrumble Grapevine below and you'll stay up to date.