John Lewis Live Christmas Illustration Tour

Update: The John Lewis Live Christmas Illustration Tour is now complete! Find out how it went on our portfolio.

It's been an exciting time at the Buttercrumble HQ. After illustrating at John Lewis in November, we are pleased to announce we'll be returning with an 11-day Christmas Illustration Tour. Over December, we will be visiting John Lewis' northern stores to capture customers in cute portrait form. We want to invite YOU into Moz the Monster’s world through illustration which sparks the imagination. Together, we will be creating the perfect festive atmosphere through live illustration in-store.

John Lewis Illustration November 2017

John Lewis Illustration November 2017

John Lewis Illustration November 2017

John Lewis Illustration November 2017

Buttercrumble's Moz The Monster

Buttercrumble's Moz The Monster

Each customer will be comically captured with Moz at our illustration station. If you'd love to receive a portrait, then we'd love to see you! Do visit us at one of the following stores over December...

Thursday 7th December (6pm - 8pm)

Tuesday 12th December (4pm - 8pm)

Wednesday 13th December (2pm - 6pm)

Thursday 14th December (10:30am - 2:30pm)

Friday 15th December (4pm - 8pm)

Saturday 16th December (1pm - 5pm)

Sunday 17th December (12pm - 4pm)

Monday 18th December (3pm - 7pm)

Wednesday 20th December (3pm - 7pm)

Thursday 21st December (2pm - 6pm)

Friday 22nd December (2pm - 6pm)

Saturday 23rd December (1pm - 5pm)

Buttercrumble John Lewis Moz The Monster

Will you be stopping by to say hello? Do let us know in the comments below! Alternatively, if you'd like to keep up to date with our adventures, please follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We'll be sharing our stories there!