Wearable Histories Sponsor: Thank You Geo Heaven!

For us, at Buttercrumble, it's lovely to meet other local creatives and entrepreneurs. We were so pleased to hear when Sarah, from Geo Heaven, wanted to support the Wearable Histories launch

Geo Heaven's Sarah at April 2017's  Northern Craft

Geo Heaven's Sarah at April 2017's Northern Craft

Geo Heaven jewellery is bold, geometric and 3D printed. The technology used to create these mini wearable sculptures is amazing. 3D printing enables the jewellery to be intricate, strong and unique. We decided to catch up with Sarah to find out a little more about the business...

  1. What does creativity mean to you?

    To me creativity is a way to express yourself. It can be through the way you dress, items you choose to fill your home with, things you doodle or things you make with your own hands. Creativity is an outlet to express your own ideas and share things from your imagination.
  2. What do you love about running your own business?

    I love making something that other people might enjoy wearing and packaging items to post that will hopefully bring some people a little bit of joy. I also love being my own boss (well as my 6-11 job) and pushing myself to do new things.
  3. What can we expect to see from Geo Heaven in the next year?

    I have a new collection in the pipeline in which I'll be experimenting with the full potential of 3D printing by printing objects within objects. I'm currently sketching out my ideas for these.

    I have a collaboration underway at the moment and also have my first confirmed London stockist. You'll have to watch this space on those!

It sounds like there are some exciting developments on their way. Please do keep your eyes peeled! You can follow Geo Heaven on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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