LIF17: The Delicious Draw at House of Koko

For this year's Leeds Indie Food Fest, we teamed up with House of Koko to host The Delicious Draw. House of Koko is a gorgeous coffee house in Chapel Allerton who offer delicious food, bakes and drinks. It was a pleasure working with them to host this event. 

The Delicious Draw gave people the opportunity to learn new drawing skills, create a piece of artwork to take home and eat some delicious cake. What's not to enjoy? Our guests loved unleashing their creativity on our specially designed Delicious Draw worksheets to visualise the cakes displayed.  

We have captured the event in photographs below, just in case you wanted to relive the experience... 

Thanks so much to all of the lovely guests we had and for the help we received from House of Koko! We hope you enjoyed the workshop as much as we did. If you missed out this time, do not dispair! We are planning on hosting some more courses shortly. Join the Buttercrumble Grapevine to stay updated.