"Florence & Vera Events can find your venue, help organise your event, liaise and collaborate with your suppliers and can supply many different props to style your event too".


Buttercrumble created the brand suite for Florence & Vera to help create its professional image and expand company visibility for the future clients.


The stylish sans serif typeface has been combined with a handwritten script to reflect the expert, tailored and personal service Florence & Vera provides. The logo should always be placed thoughtfully with generous spacing to sustain and convey a clear and professional image.


The logo can be used flexibly across a range of marketing material. The logo blends influences from the late 19th century with mid-century design. This is to reflect the beautifully curated selection of antique and vintage props Florence & Vera provides. The cameo gives a subtle nod to the brand’s story.

The colour scheme expresses Florence & Vera’s ethos; it’s romantic, sumptuous and fun. White and off-white should be used generously when designing to convey freshness and modernity. The secondary colours can be used to highlight information. They introduce energy and warmth for the occasions when monochrome is too stark. Colours should be used consistently across all brand collateral.


The typography reflects Florence & Vera’s harmonious blend of traditions and modernity. Raleway should be used as a header type, to highlight key information. Playfair Display is most suitable for larger bodies of copy. Both fonts are widely available for web and print usage.

Florence-and-Vera---Stationery---Mockup---0918 2.png