Playtime host premium trade shows dedicated to children and maternity brands. The globally attended show takes place in Paris, Tokyo, New York and Shanghai.


Buttercrumble participated in the exciting Playtime Paris' January 2019 show at Parc Floral. Here, we created a large-scale group portrait of the event’s attendees. The mural was inspired by Playtime Paris’ theme of “family” and encouraged participation. We were able to encourage visitors to engage with the arts and boost positivity.

Playtime Paris - Buttercrumble Illustration


The Process

  1. We illustrated an apple orchard across 8m of paper.

  2. We invited visitors and exhibitors to become a part of the installation.

  3. We drew a participant on each apple. Some participants even chose to illustrate their own!

  4. We attached the apple to the family tree.

  5. Visitors and exhibitors took photographs of their apple and the mural. They then shared it on social media.


We strongly believe that illustration can boost wellbeing and spark the imagination. We wanted to allow visitors and exhibitors to experience this at the show to nurture the show’s positive vibes. It was an accessible and engaging activity so we could engage as many people as possible.

The work’s overall purpose was to introduce positivity into everyday lives through the power of design at Playtime Paris.

Playtime Paris - Illustration Mural Installation - Buttercrumble
Playtime-Paris---Mural---5---Web.jpgPlaytime Paris - Illustration Mural Installation - Buttercrumble


To market the activity, we created a suite of Playtime-inspired social graphics. These were used on the run up to the event to generate a buzz before the show. The illustrations were fun, sweet and young-at-heart.


Many participants took to social media to share their experience of Playtime Paris. They were able to share their memories with friends, families and colleagues from all over the world.

Playtime Paris - Illustration Mural Installation - Buttercrumble


Overall, we spent three days at the show creating the mural. It was a brilliant show with a friendly and heartwarming atmosphere. Thanks so much to Playtime Paris for hosting this activity.

Playtime Paris - Illustration Mural Installation - Buttercrumble