"Hey you… Yes, you! Don’t be shy now, you’re one of the few jammy dodgers to get your mitts on a limited edition Sketcheasy newspaper. But what’s it all about?..."


Sketcheasy is a self-initiated and collaborative project that hit the streets, cafés and stores of Leeds through the form of a limited edition newspaper. Sketcheasy is a concept created by creatives, with creatives and for creatives which helps to shed light on what can be a difficult industry to crack!

With only 50 of these beautiful newspapers-come-artworks released, the project created a real buzz about the industry and give those both inside and outside a clearer understanding of what it takes to be a designer, copyrighter, illustrator or artist.



The newspaper was released in locations around central Leeds with clues to their whereabouts being shared on social media. We encouraged the lucky finders to love, keep, share or leave the newspaper and capture their discovery on Instagram. The creators aim to build awareness about the industry and allow others to show their support.


This bespoke newspaper features letters and confessions from copywriters, illustrators and designers with very different experiences.

Sketcheasy Inside Images2.jpg