The New Taste of the Carribean at Turtle Bay

Last week we had the honour of attending the brand new Turtle Bay restaurant at a bloggers' event in Huddersfield. Turtle Bay is all about Caribbean cooking and the mixture of exciting spices and flavours from all around the globe. The Caribbean is rich in culture and history and we think it's brilliant that a bit more soul and sunshine has been brought to Britain (and our plates, yum)!

Huddersfield's Turtle Bay was super easy to find and only a ten minutes stroll from the train station. When approaching the restaurant, we loved the lights and the burst of colour. The exterior really set the bar high, and it only got better when we entered... There is so much to look at inside, it's like a visual feast for the eyes and this is even before you begin eating.

Firstly we ate the beatiful curry goat. We'd never tried goat before, but it was extremely tasty. It had been marinated in so many spices and when teamed with spicy rice, it set our taste buds on fire - although not as hot as we worried it would be.

Then we tried Turtle Bay's signature jerk chicken. Jerk is a method of cooking the meat. It was gorgeously seasoned and flame grilled to achieve an authentic taste. Again, it was a spicy dish as most Caribbean cooking is. This was served with sweet potato fries which really complimented the chicken's flavour.


For pudding, we had delicious rum cake and ice cream. As you may know, sweetness is our weakness, so it was eaten quickly and no evidence was left...

We departed with this lovely hamper of hot sauces so we can attempt to recreate the recipes at home. We can't wait to taste that jerk BBQ sauce again!

Turtle Bay restaurants are popping up all over the country. Discover the nearest one to you here and warm yourself up with their delicious curries and jerk dishes.

Have you tried Caribbean food before? Let us know below.

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