A Subscription Box Too Sweet to Miss : Japan Candy Box Review

Japanese illustration and design often provides us with a source of inspiration (in addition to our sweet tooth) which is why we were thrilled to receive a Japan Candy Box. Japan Candy Box is a subscription service which delivers a parcel of delicious snacks packaged in wonderful kawaii and quirky wrappers. We don't often have the luxury of savouring Japanese sweets so it was really fun to try something new! 

Treat after treat kept coming out of this subscription box; the selection was lovely. On opening the box you receive a feast for the eyes (before the real feast can begin!) with a variety of brightly coloured packaging full of equally colourful sweets.

The box we received had something to please every body with pretty pink, chewing gum pieces to miniature chocolates.
We loved the adorable koala sweets below which reminded us of the breakfast cereal, Krave, with their soft chocolate centres.

We also loved the blackcurrant flavoured, frog-themed, gummy sweets even if we felt a little guilty eating kawaii frogs and their baby tadpoles! We must add if you've got the British sweet tooth like we have, you may not find these as sweet as our more familiar gummy sweets.


We still haven't deciphered the box above but it seems to be Play-Doh inspired candy. It's time to awaken your inner child and play with your food... or maybe not!
The little pink chocolates made us feel very nostalgic and reminded us of the pink chocolate mice you would find at the Pick & Mix. So yummy!

The Japan Candy Box is a great way to try Japanese sweets and is packed with novelty, great tastes, and wonderful wrappers. If you are looking for a subscription box that lets you try something new and delicious - this box could be for you! If you do have any dietary requirements though please check before ordering as there is no additional information about your monthly sweet treat.

Like the look of Japan Candy Box? Fancy some delicious treats? You could win one of these lovely boxes courtesy of Japan Candy Box. It's easy to enter, just follow the instructions below!

If you would love the postman to deliver tasty candy to your door each month - or just want to find out more - then please visit the Japan Candy Box website.