3 Things We Loved About Tenerife

We have recently returned from our amazing trip to Tenerife! We hadn't been on holiday in a while so this one was much appreciated. For the whole seven days we were there, it was hot bright and very laid back. The perfect escape from grey - but great - Britain! So what were the things we really loved?

  1. Cacti, cacti, everywhere! Yes, there were a lot of cactus (cacti?) which is so on trend. Something tells me that Tenerife were doing this before it was cool.
  2. The capital, Santa Cruz. We travelled there one day by bus. It's a super shopping destination. Let's just say euros were spent...
  3. The beach. This is something I think everyone loves! Chloe and I are from a seaside town so we can visit the beach a lot. However, the warm weather in Tenerife makes it so much more enjoyable. (The only minus about the beach is that you're finding sand in your pants for days afterwards).

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