Designing for Kirkstall Art Trail

Last month we had the pleasure of taking part in the Kirkstall Art Trail through designing promotional material and maps for the Leeds community and approximately 500 visitors.

The Trail showcased local artists with amazing talent bringing neighbours together in the wonderful setting of Kirkstall. We loved the community spirit of this project!

We gathered inspiration by walking through the suburb, getting a feel of what visitors might see or experience on the trail. We wanted to combine the urban feel of the area with a sense of an adventure to create a dynamic and striking design.

We created an A5 four page booklet to advertise the event and participating artists. We found the icons of art tools worked really well and hinted towards the map and journey element of the art trail. The booklet contained a lot of copy so it was important for us to make this easy to understand and still visually exciting, we achieved this through using bold colour and imagery to break up the composition.

We also created larger posters which were displayed around Leeds to grab attention and give quick information about the trail. The poster and map helped to bring around 500 visitors to the event!

Once the locations and the suggested route of the trail had been confirmed we designed maps to be handed out to visitors on the day. This was the most challenging part of the design project as it was vital for the map to be easy and fun to follow. In addition, the map had to be small enough to fold into your pocket but still display lots of information in a clear and orderly way.

The event was organised by the wonderful Amy Thompson who is already thinking up plans for Kirkstall Art Trail 2016. You can see the success of the day here and here.

Let us know if you took part or visited the art trail or have been taking part in any similar events!

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