What we Love this Month

This month we have been keeping our eyes out for things we love! Well, we suppose we're always on the look out for fresh inspiration (except from when we're sleeping)... However, this month we wanted to share our finds with you. Does an instagram Barbie and classic Hollywood film sound good to you?

What Abigail Loves

I must admit that Instagram is my latest addiction. I'm always flicking through it when I get a few minutes, whether I be on the train, in the queue at the supermarket or just lounging around. Last week, I stumbled upon Sociality Barbie... She's a hipster, enjoys hanging around in coffee shops and believes in a #authentic life. When examining Barbie's feed, it'll remind you of that jet setting, Starbucks loving friend who (unbelievably) looks immaculate no matter what the day. It's clear that the clever photographer behind this feed is parodying our selfie-taking generation. I find this sense of humour really refreshing - definitely one to follow!

Sociality Barbie Instagram

Sociality Barbie Instagram

What Chloe Loves

This month I visited my local theatre to watch an iconic film, The Graduate, starring a young Dustin Hoffman and Katharine Ross. The film tells the story of a college graduate who finds himself torn between his older lover, Mrs Robinson, and her daughter. Abigail recommended the film to me after watching it for an essay surrounding the topic of fashion during the 1960s and I have to say her recommendation was spot-on! What is not to love? The story flows so naturally thanks to the creative cinematography and the fashion immerses you right into, possibly, one of the most stylish decades ever. That is without mentioning the beautiful, soothing, soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel which will have you humming away long after the film. If you are interested in film, the 1960s or love a bit of a drama-filled, rom-com this is the film for you.

The Graduate. 1967. Mike Nichols. dir. USA: Lawrence Turman .

The Graduate. 1967. Mike Nichols. dir. USA: Lawrence Turman.

Are you following Instagram Barbie or are a fan of The Graduate? Or maybe you have a cool recommendation for us? We'd love to hear from you, just leave us a comment below.

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