WANDER: The Old Red Bus Station Exhibition

In January we exhibited at The Old Red Bus Station alongside fellow illustrator, Adam Menzies. Our first exhibition of the year (titled WANDER) challenged viewers to see their environment in a new way. It launched on the 12th of January, 2017. It has now been a month since the exhibition ended and we wanted to reflect on this. 

We displayed four mixed-media illustration prints depicting the overheard conversations of Leeds' Victoria Quarter. These were developed from our Wanderlust project of 2016. The illustrations were inspired by psychogeography and the Situationists of the mid-20th century.


This was a really exciting project for us as we were able to base it on the city in which we live. Leeds is a vibrant city full of colourful characters and it was a joy to illustrate this. Have you ever overheard any funny or strange conversations? Do let us know!

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