Wearable Histories Sponsor: Thank You For the Love of Cake!

It's not too long before we launch our new illustrated collection of silk scarves! To celebrate, we will be hosting a party at the beautiful Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom in April (tickets available here).

This event couldn't be as great as it will be without the support of our generous sponsors. Our first sponsor is the lovely Laura of For the Love of Cake. For the Love of Cake is a Leeds-based baking business who make the sweetest treats. All of you who know us will understand that sweetness is our weakness. The lady behind the bakes gave us an insight into her world...



When did your For the Love of Cake journey begin?

The idea of running my own business has been a bit of a pipe dream for some time, but I eventually kick started the process early last year. I was in a bit of a bad place and wanted to do something that allowed me to be focussed and creative. In January 2016 I started doing lots ofresearch into the running of a baking business, as well as attending networking events and business seminars at Leeds Library. Alongside that I spent a lot of time recipe testing, taking pictures of my bakes and building a website. I officially launched For the Love of Cake in June 2016.

Who would your dream client be?

In my spare time I’m a big reader - I love getting lost in a good book! Because of that my dream client would be Jill Mansell, one of my favourite authors. I’d love to sit down over tea and cake and discuss her writing and books.

Who is your baking muse?

It’s possibly a cliche but Mary Berry - I love that her recipes are delicious but mainly fuss-free. She's all about traditional treats and has that homely, comforting feel to her baking - which really inspired me when setting up business.  As well as Mary Berry, my Mum is also my baking inspiration. I remember making chocolate cake and flapjacks with her when I was growing up (the highlight being able to lick the bowl once we’d done!)  and she continues to make delicious bakes and desserts that are the talk of the village.

Is your glass half-full or half-empty?

If I’m honest, it depends on the day! I’d like to think that I’m a glass half-full kind of person - and most of the time I am - but every now and then the glass half-empty feelings sneak in. When they do, I try and do something to clear my head… whether that’s going for a walk, sitting and reading a book or doing some baking (for fun, not an order) and hope that helps to shift my feelings into a more positive mindset.

When and where do you like to bake?

I love my home kitchen and do all my baking there. At the moment I work full time, so I bake on a weeknight or weekend - basically whenever I have some spare time! its a busy balance, but I love it.

What are your thoughts on shopping local?

I think its so important. A lot of my ingredients I buy in bulk from wholesalers, but other items such as eggs, jam etc I try to source locally. As a fellow small business owner I know how much a sale means - I genuinely do a happy dance every time I get an order - so I try to support other small businesses when I can so they get that same feeling and can keep going.

What's your signature bake?

I’d say probably my cheesecake recipe - I use the same biscuit base and creamy cheese filling each time, but then fill and top it with all sorts of treats - malteasers, dime bars, bounties - whatever is requested! Its such a tasty dessert (if I may say so myself) and perfect for parties or celebrations. 

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

Hopefully I’ll be spending each day doing what I love - running my own business. I hope that For the Love of Cake will be a successful, thriving business that I’ll be running full time. 

Thanks so much again to For the Love of Cake for sponsoring the Wearable Histories launch party. Do get in touch with Laura if you have any baking needs!

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Until next time... take care!