How Responsiveness Can Save Your Brand

You’re waiting in line for your morning latte, at your favourite coffee shop, when the adjacent customer catches your attention. “Oooh, I do love that scarf” she chirps. You proudly respond, “Thank you!”

That one compliment has made your day. You wouldn’t have dreamt of ignoring it. Yet, kind comments are being ignored every day on social media and it’s affecting brand equity.

Brands struggle to respond to social media comments for a range of reasons, and we completely appreciate these challenges. Businesses may lack time to reply to all comments or they’re unsure what to say. However, there are ways to support this.

Make Time For Your Brand Fans

If you're struggling to manage social media, set aside half an hour each day to interact with your followers. Try and do this at the same time each day so a habit is formed. We manage ours with our breakfast! Could you utilise your commute or evening in the same way? As you interact consistently each day, you may even notice a positive boost in engagement. It's worth a try!

Keep It Real and Caring

Sometimes, words fail us and it's difficult to think of a creative response. Imagine if the comment was made in the 'real world'. Usually, if someone passes a remark, we respond. It may be a straightforward "thank you" or just a smile, but it shows acknowledgement and care. It's a simple (and free) action which can make a huge difference to your brand. If you're worried about saying the wrong thing, it can be helpful to have a list of approved responses. Reach out to trusted friends and gather their advice.

Build Your Team

Nonetheless, social media can be laborious at times, especially when there is so much to consider. Can you introduce a new team member dedicated to your customers' happiness? This reliable point-of-call may help your business build credibility. It makes customers feel confident and comfortable about investing in your business, as they know they can reach out and make contact if needed.

By engaging in conversation you can build a relationship with your customers. Messaging should be two-way in order to nurture a sense of community. People select their favourite brands similarly to how we make friends. You gravitate to those you feel a synergy with, and that happens through a connection. If communication is broken, the connection is lost. The customer feels ignored and a barrier forms.

In this digital world, it's easy to hide behind a keyboard or phone screen. Remember, silence speaks volumes to your audience. It's expressing a lack of care, which may harm your brand image. Interact with your customers to build a loyal fanbase of brand ambassadors. You'll be stronger, well-respected and approachable when you build a responsive brand.