Leeds Creative Labs: Climate Edition

We're pleased to announce our involvement in the Climate Edition of Leeds Creative Labs as established by the University of Leeds' Cultural Institute. The Priestley International Centre for Climate and Leeds Digital Festival are partnering with the university in order to bring researchers and creative professionals together. Why? So we can explore imaginative collaborations and create fresh ideas around climate issues.

The academics and researchers who work on climate-change are ambitious, positively optimistic and ambitious about making a difference. We wanted to partner with these practitioners because of our belief that we all need to be working to impact climate-change positively. We are all responsible for the future of Earth, our home.

We'll be joining forces with the talented Dr Katy Roelich. By combining Katy's research with our visualisation skills, we're aiming to create inspirational visuals around climate issues. These will motivate the general public and decision-makers within the city. 


Our presentation for this project will take place on the 28th June. However, we know our collaboration will continue to flourish long after this date. If you'd like to keep up to date with this, then do follow our channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Alternatively, you can attend the event in Leeds. We'd love to have you join us!