How a Static Brand Can Hurt Your Business

We all want to inspire and motivate our audience! How can you expect to achieve this if your brand feels stale? We know you don't want to be yesterday's news. You're a mover and shaker.

In order to stop your brand looking stale, the identity should actively develop over time. It should convey the business' future aspirations as well as its core values. It shouldn't become complacent with current situations. Instead, it should challenge what exists and be open-minded to change. This creates a dynamic and forward-thinking brand. 

If not, the brand image becomes the identity. If this happens, the customer takes complete control and the heart and soul is lost. So what's the difference between the brand image and brand identity?

Brand Image: the audience's general perception and impression of the organisation.
Brand Identity: the core values, advantages, personality and mission the organisation sets.

It must be clear to the audience that the business exists for a heartfelt reason. There needs to be a mission and purpose driving it forward which people can follow. Remember the best brands become forms of self-expression. Think Harley-Davidson, Dr Martens or Apple!

An identity formed retrospectively on what the customer wanted or their past experiences (the brand image) runs the risk of "design by committee". There'll be no unifying vision and therefore it'll be pushed nowhere in no particular direction.

From egg, to caterpillar, to pupa, to butterfly. There should be a beautiful transformation!

From egg, to caterpillar, to pupa, to butterfly. There should be a beautiful transformation!

By creating a forward-thinking brand, you will be a leader of change. An innovator! From this you can nurture a community of like-minded followers (your audience) who want to support the cause. Perfection!

So keep your eyes on the prize. If you can think of creative ways to develop your brand, you'll become the trailblazer, pioneer and groundbreaker we all know you are.

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