Five Ways to Introduce Festivity into Your Brand

Christmas, it’s one of the most celebrated holidays across the globe. From the nativity, feasting, gift giving and family reunions, Christmas is a well-loved season. In fact, it’s a public holiday for many of the world's nations and an integral part of any calendar. Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, you’re bound to know someone who does. Therefore, your organisation will want to avoid being labelled as “Scrooge”! Here are five ways you can spread festive cheer using the magic of branding…

Treat your devoted customers over Christmas

Treat your devoted customers over Christmas

  1. Choose a Festive Theme Based on your Brand
    Where do you begin? First, select a theme to ensure all of your Christmas communications are consistent and effective. Each year there are new trends to follow during the holidays, so this can be a good starting point. Scandinavian style, daring pink, eco-friendly or a retro aesthetic. Consider which trend would suit your brand best. Follow this through your own designs!

  2. Add a Festive Element to your Logo
    Decorations play a big part during the Christmas season, so let’s have fun! Just as you would decorate your home, how can you decorate your business? You can begin with your brand assets. Give your logo an update by featuring Santa’s hat, Rudolph’s nose or even mistletoe. It’ll convey a sense of play and mischief.

  3. Create a Seasonal Statement
    What's your brand mission statement? This is based on: what you do, how you do it and who you do it for. Can you adapt this so it has a Christmas twist? Sometimes, it is possible to shorten the statement into a slogan. This can be used to introduce humour and cheer to your marketing communications.

  4. Treat your Loyal Customers
    Christmas is about cherishing peace and goodwill. Can you say thank you to your devoted audience for their custom over the year? This could be by sending them a branded Christmas card or gift voucher. For high-value customers, why not deliver a special treat? It will inspire affection and an unshakeable loyalty from your audience.

  5. Host a Festive Brand Activation Event
    Brand activation is about encouraging consumers to interact with your brand and take action. Through hosting an event, you can give life to your brand! You can immerse customers into your festive celebrations in order to spread joy. It makes sense to inspire, encourage and delight your audience. That said, social calendars are busy in December, so prepare early!

We’ve also taken on this fantastic advice from our copywriting expert, Tom O’Brien:

Say no to cheesy Santa punchlines this Christmas and get our team to wrap your brand in a bow with some fantastically festive content.

Christmas is a noisy time for marketing, so it’s vital you have a strong strategy in place. The earlier you begin preparations, the better. It’s not unusual for big retailers to plan Christmas 12-months in advance! If you need support implementing festive communications, please do get in touch.

Will you be adopting any of these top tips in order to prepare for the upcoming festive season? Let us know in the comments below!

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