Buttercrumble Visits the House of Lords

Buttercrumble recently represented SMEs at the House of Lords in London, for an event by The British Library (July 2019). Our design studio was selected as a prime example of a homegrown business making a national impact, and we couldn’t feel more honoured!

The event launched the 2019 report, “Democratising Entrepreneurship”, a celebration of libraries’ impact on economic growth. It also featured a motivational speech by entrepreneur, Lord Bilimoria CBE DL who backed the support provided by The British Library.

As a small business, we have enjoyed utilising the space at the Business & IP Centre (BIPC) at Leeds Central Library to access free information and support. We have also been able to pass this support on, through our studio’s own 1:1 support sessions and presentations. One of the most important actions we took was safeguarding Buttercrumble’s intellectual property by registering a trademark. This was made possible with the help of the BIPC.

Buttercrumble, as a case study, represents an emerging group of young businesses. According to the British Library’s report, 47% of businesses supported were those created in the Northern Powerhouse. 55% of users who started a new business with the support of the BIPC were women. The event at the House of Lords celebrated these promising statistics.

We believe that if we can set up a sustainable business, then anyone can. A visit to the House of Lords solidified our views, as libraries continue to democratise entrepreneurship across the UK. When small businesses set up, they have strict budgets, so advice from the BIPC is a vital lifeline. They are institutes for everyone!

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