Creative Experiences to Make You Smile

Interaction and collaboration is something we wholeheartedly love. We believe in the value of making guests, consumers, bloggers or VIPs feel special through live illustration, workshops and talks. 

We've created experiences for John LewisAnthropologie, Fred Aldous and Leeds Indie Food (to name a few)!

Live Illustration & personalisation

Give your guests something they can take away and shout about with our live illustration and personalisation.

From customer portraits to personalised packaging, we can work with you to create a unique experience that fits your brands' needs perfectly. This is something we have achieved for retailers including John Lewis and Fred Aldous.

Live illustration is perfect for retail events, PR and blogger events, weddings and festivals.

Buttercrumble produced delightful sketches and caricatures of our guests at our recent event. Their live drawing stand was a hugely popular addition to the evening. They fully embraced the positive spirit of event and instantly felt part of our community. As well as being extremely creative, they are very organised and reliable. We’d love to work with them again.
— Kirsty, The Girl Gang (Manchester)

The Delicious Draw Workshop at House of Koko

The Delicious Draw Workshop at House of Koko

Creative Workshops

Creativity is a skill everyone can harness and enjoy, no matter what age or ability. We want to prove this.

If you are a venue or brand, an illustration or design workshop can be an imaginative and fun way to increase engagement with your audience. All of our workshops can be catered to suit your brand message.

This is something we have achieved for Leeds Libraries and Leeds Independent Food Festival.

If you'd like to collaborate with us to host a creative workshop, then please feel free to get in touch.

Buttercrumble were friendly and approachable, communicating their expert knowledge in an accessible way. All of the participants rated the session as excellent and many were keen to attend something similar with the duo in the future. I would whole-heartedly recommend Buttercrumble; they are forward thinking, imaginative and friendly professionals and are a pleasure to work with.
— Kate Midwood, Leeds Libraries

Photograph: Lucy Rose Jones

Photograph: Lucy Rose Jones


We are a young and dynamic creative twin-team who have worked together to form the collective, Buttercrumble. We love to share our enterprise journey with other young people in order to encourage them to live a creative life. 

We have inspired students, bloggers and creatives at a number of talks in Leeds. We are proud to have worked with the University of Leeds, Leeds College of Art, The Bloggers Hub and Leeds University Union.

Are you looking for a speaker or panellist for your next event? We'd love to hear from you...

It was a brilliant opportunity for students to gain insight in to the graphics industry and hear from some of the most dynamic, creative and knowledgeable contacts from in and around Leeds.
— Jenna O’Brien, The University of Leeds
It was a pleasure working with the Buttercrumble team as they were professional and well versed. Should the opportunity rise, then we would love to work with them again and create some more magic.
— Shanice, The Bloggers Hub

Live window illustration for Black & Ginger, Liverpool

Live window illustration for Black & Ginger, Liverpool


Your store or venue can become a transformative piece of art. Let your customers or guests watch as the drawing is slowly revealed. This is a creative and temporary installation which will certainly have heads turning. 

This is achieved through directly drawing onto the venue's windows, walls or by using boards on easels. 

This is perfect for launch parties, blogger events, seasonal campaigns or to raise brand awareness. 

If you're interested in introducing some artwork to your venue, we'd love to collaborate with you.