A Case Study: Honeytape Creative

One of our most recent branding projects saw us partnering with the wonderful Honeytape Creative to create a wholesome identity that is as true and authentic as the couple behind the team.

Honeytape Creative is a new start-up based in Leeds that was founded by Adam and Lucy. The pair wanted to combine their video, photography and marketing skills to provide a content-creation service for independent businesses. 

One of the first challenges, they felt they had to face as a start-up, was to make an impact. Coherent and exciting branding is an excellent way to do that so we were thrilled when Adam and Lucy asked us to help. 

Let us introduce you to the team through interview form!

Brand Guidelines-1.jpg

Q. What is it about content creation that you love?

Adam: The whole creative aspect of it! The ability to create something awesome, fun and exciting that people enjoy viewing. 
Lucy: I love experimenting with composition, and random props, to make something that people will stop to look at.

Q. What would your dream project be?

Adam: Unlimited budget, travel the world creating content for a travel company. 
Lucy: What he said. Plus, to be able to work with the brands we love like Camden Watch Company, Wandrd or Field Notes.

Q. Why is developing a brand important to you?

Adam: Because our brand represents what we do as a job, so if our brand didn’t look wicked, nobody would trust us. You wouldn't get a hair cut from a barber with a mullet!
Lucy: We don't want to be just another couple of artsy freelancers trying to make do, we want to be recognised as a trustworthy, harmonious duo that will create some really cool stuff, and enjoy doing it! To put this across, it's important to establish a proper brand. 


Branding is about having a clear understanding of your business’ vision. You can use branding to engage the right audience and secure your place within the market. We helped Honeytape Creative to build their foundations with a strong Mission Statement and then developed the all-important visuals from this.

Honeytape Creative Branding by Buttercrumble
We have absolutely loved working with Chloe and Abigail on this collaboration. The branding they created for us exceeded expectations...
— Lucy & Adam, Honeytape Creative
Honeytape Creative by Buttercrumble

If you've enjoyed this little taster into Honeytape Creative's branding, please see our dedicated portfolio page.

We are always looking to team-up with design-enthusiasts and young-at-heart brands. If this sounds like you, please get in touch!