Year In Review

We Made It: Our Year In Review

We Made It: Our Year In Review

2017 is the year we took a huge leap of faith in order to make our dreams a reality. 

Our entire childhood is a montage of getting stuck in, being creative, and making up elaborate stories together. Then in 2011, whilst studying at Sixth Form, we penned the name Buttercrumble. We shared our creations as Buttercrumble for fun and feedback before studying at the University of Leeds. This is where we had our Eureka moment! We could do what we love and support others whilst creating a living for ourselves. 

We were brought up in a small seaside town where we had no business network and no investment so we had to start at the very beginning. It was the support of our university, family and previous employers that allowed us to launch Buttercrumble. They made it happen but it's the wonderful people we met this year who helped us sustain and grow.

Here's how we made it - one year in business - our year in review.